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The hinterland of Rimini is rich of medieval villages, fortresses and ancient castles for a journey through history, art, and culinary traditions in the lands of Romagna.


On the hills that divide the region of Emilia Romagna from Marche is situated in the beautiful village of Montegridolfo. Between the river valleys of the Conca and the Foglia river, the town of Montegridolfo is enclosed by thick defensive walls. A place to visit during a holiday in Romagna


Verucchio, the strongest of the fortified towns of the Malatesta family, a few kilometers from Rimini, this beautiful city offers breathtaking views, showing still today, thanks to its fortress, the signs of a past as a dominatrix. The hill on which stands the town of Verucchio is located at the beginning of the Valmarecchia valley, along the roads leading inland from Rimini.

San Leo

San Leo is situated on the most pointed of the mountains of the whole Apennines: the Feliciano mountain, so steep as to be accessible by a single road cut in the rock. It is characterized in the first place from the Fort that rises above the village, interesting to visit the bell tower and the Duomo. Hosted Dante and St. Francis.


On the green hills on the border between Emilia Romagna and Marche is situated in the splendid fortress and the town of Gradara. The castle of Gradara is famous for the beauty of its streets, cobbled and for the romantic charm. Gradara was one of the most important settlements, the military of the family of rimini, the Malatesta. Today is celebrated in the summer the nights of the siege of the Castle.

Santarcangelo di Romagna

Santarcangelo di Romagna is one of the countries of the hinterland of romagna the most colorful and poetic. Here he lived, Tonino Guerra, and here the incredible views enjoy panoramic views and wonderful sunsets. The symbol most famous of Santarcangelo is the great Bell, a bell tower erected in the nineteenth century, and his Arc in the main square. Celebrated the Feast of St. Martin.

San Marino

The Republic of San Marino, the independent state of the world's oldest. It was founded by the holy hermit Marino in 301 d. C., and since then has kept intact its values of freedom and democracy. The three castles of San Marino are located on the three peaks of Monte Titano.

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